Venerable Upatissa has been a practicing Buddhism his entire adult life. Originally a Mahayanist in the Nichiren tradition, he began practicing Zen in the Sanbo Kyodan lineage in 1993. After experiencing vipassana meditation in a retreat led by U Janaka, he began supporting a Theravada temple in Santa Clara, California. He ordained in Los Angeles in 2001 and came to Sri Lanka in 2002, where he has remained ever since.

For several years he taught a weekly short course entitled "Meditation for Counsellors" for visiting students in Social Work and Psychology. He currently leads a couple of small, informal meditation groups in Colombo, and also performs technical services for Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy. He regularly visits patients at the Kandy Cancer Home, where he advises patients on pain management through meditation.

04.45am Wake-up gong

05:00am - 06.00am Guided Meditation

06.00am - 06.30am Tea

06.30am - 07.30am Mindfulness In Motion (Self practice)

07.30am - 08.00am Breakfast

08.00am - 09.30am Working Meditation

09.30am - 11.00am Guided Meditation (standing/sitting/walking)

11.00am - 11.45am Talk

12:00pm - 02.00pm Lunch, Reflection and Rest

02.00pm - 02.30pm Walking Meditation / One-to-one interviews with the teacher as necessary*

02.30pm - 03.30pm Group Meditation / One-to-one interviews with the teacher as necessary*

03.30pm - 04.30pm Herbal drink / Working Meditation

04.30pm - 05.30pm Group Meditation

05.30pm - 06.00pm Meditation in nature

06.00pm - 06.30pm Evening Snack

06.30pm - 07.15pm Chanting

07.15pm - 07.45pm Group Meditation

07.45pm - 08.45pm Discussion / Reading / Talk / Question and Answer session

Venerable Upatissa