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Upul Nishantha Gamage

           Upul Nishantha Gamage, present resident meditation teacher, has been guiding thousands of people from different backgrounds who come to Nilambe to practice meditation. Upul started meditation in 1977, at 13 years of age. At that time, he was instrumental in establishing a Youth Society at a Buddhist Temple near his parents’ house and got involved in many activities as the Secretary of the Society. In late 80’s, he had offered to help Godwin  at a point where someone’s assistance with the activities at the Meditation Centre was vital.

            Ever since he has been a very dear friend and an outstanding Dhamma teacher for thousands of people who attend programs conducted by him, also many others who are yet to attend his programs and a counselor for those who are in need of counseling. Besides teaching at Nilambe, Upul  conducts programs at prisons, schools, monasteries, private residences etc. He is regularly invited to conduct meditation retreats in Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden. According to his teaching, practice of Meditation paves the path to help ourselves, to understand ourselves and to change ourselves for better as we are becoming more and more mindful about all our day-to-day activities. Moreover, Upul’s great ability to speak to our hearts and practical and philosophical way of presenting Dhamma has enormous power to make us practice Meditation in a joyful manner.


Is this the correct medicine? Is this the correct path? Is this the correct technique? We do not have confidence in anything. When we know so many different techniques we become a pharmacy and we do not know which medicine to select. You consume one medicine a little, read one book a little, try to meditate using one technique and you feel that it does not give the expected results. So you try out some other technique. Like this you go on trying out various techniques and you do not build up confidence in any one of them, as if you are jumping from one branch to another. This is because you do not have enough faith in the practice.

Do not get caught in this trap. It is very difficult to escape from this trap if you get caught. You go to one teacher, you are not satisfied and then you go to another. You go from one meditation centre to another, from one book to another, from one sutta to another, from Sutta Piṭaka to Abidhamma Piṭaka, from Abidhamma Piṭaka to Visuddhi Magga, from Visuddhi Magga to Aṭṭhakathā (commentaries) and there is no end to this search, Dear Dhamma Friends. If you get caught in the cobweb of suspicion you never know where you will end up. There is no end to it. You may go from country to country in search of the correct meditation technique; you will not find it in any meditation centre or in any book. The correct meditation technique is only to be found within you…..

- Upul Nishanatha Gamage


What is the importance of the sounds we are hearing now?

Is there any need to even think of them as a disturbance?

Whenever we attribute a value to them by labeling them as a disturbance,
we give them more strength to disturb us.

Just let the sounds be heard......

We might remember things or people, but they are just thoughts......

All of them will be forgotten in a little while when a new thought comes........

Why do we get attached to these thoughts and run miles with them when their existence is very temporary and
they are something we forget after a while?.......

Within a-thousand-and-one sounds and thoughts
you will deeply feel that you are breathing..........

Dear Dhamma Friends, try to find time to practice
Composure of Mindfulness of Breathing as frequently as possible....

It will bring you peace.......

May the Triple Gem bless all of you!

- Upul Nishantha Gamage

We like meditation and there is a special place for it in our lives. For some of us, meditation has become a part of our daily routine. When we have time, we also like to go on meditation retreats for an intensified practice. We talk about meditation, read related texts and listen to Dhamma talks. Meditation has become part of our lives....
...Let us try to identify the practitioner and the non-practitioner from within us! We love to call ourselves practitioners of meditation, and presume to live a spiritual life. What really makes you think you are a practitioner? Surely, exteriors or the outward appearance of a person may not be a proper yardstick. Then, on what basis do we recognize the meditating or non-meditating mind?.....


...When our hopes and dreams are not fulfilled we have experienced sadness. It could be hopes on exam, or a job, a marriage or a cricket match. When our hopes are shattered we all become sad and distressed. When the dream world do not become a reality those who dreamed become sad. They suffer. They become distressed. Think of life as a hell. Being born becomes a problem and even thinks of ending life.....
'' The Metta (the impersonal friendliness) makes your life comfortable with all the circumstances. Because the discomfort comes out from your resistance, not from the external impulses. Even you have an ability to say No without resisting.''  - Upul Gamage