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David Stahl  05/02/2020

 It's a fantastic experience! Very good vibrations, nice nature, good accommodation and delicious food! The intense meditations sessions were very beneficial and so was the silence. I learnt a lot from the meditation sessions and from Bhante Upatissa's teachings.

Maria Pilipenko  07/01/2020

It was about 6-7 years ago when I heard about Vipassana for the first time. Probably since then I mentally secretly from myself prepared for this experience. I assumed that with great difficulty but I will be able to cope with a strict regime and domestic issues, but I didn't know how to meditate. Here in Nilambe Centre I realized that all my fears and anxieties were from a "big" mind and the pursuit of excellence. Here I felt even more like a beloved child of the Universe. The beauty of nature, the kindness of people around, calmness and wisdom, care and quiet joy. If on the third day I was still thinking of running away, on the fourth I was ready to stay here for another month! The incredible experience that I still have to unpack. Thanks to my teacher Ewen Arnold, to my group and to myself. Here I found my heart.

Yapa Wijeratne  19/10/2019

It was early in 2014, when I first came to Nilambe. Since then I have been a regular visitor for the meditation. This place is so magical and peaceful. Environment is calm is silent. At first, I found it difficult not to speak, not using mobile etc, however by day 2-3 I started enjoying the meditation and more importantly I learnt to “live in the present moment”. Rather than spending time with other form of entertainment, Nilambe gave me the best relaxation for my mind. Usually I take my dinner around 8-9 pm and need some snack later. I hardly can wake up before 6 am. Surprisingly, when I’m at Nilambe, 2-3 slices of bread at 6 pm is more than enough despite the cold weather. Even before the alarm rings, I usually wake up by 4.30 am. Environment is kept clean and secure. Teachers here, Upul sir and Deepthi ayya are so kind and helpful. Their teachings helped a lot to withstand many problems came in my life. Sadly, it seems that our own people do not see the value of such place while people from thousands of kilometers away coming and learning meditation here. I wish all the success and sincere thanks for everyone in Nilambe.

Nicole Thompson  16/09/2018

Sergeant ClearStump  06/09/2018
Quite a nice place if it were not for leeches!
Wolfgang  12/02/2017
Thank you for giving me the key to my inner self.

Vladimira  04/05/2015

I am grateful that I was there. My journey to myself has been started...Thank you so much. With love Vladimira

Priyani Ratnayake  29/07/2014

I can't wait for another 6 weeks to visit this wonderful and beautiful place on earth as I have heard and read so much about the teacher and the place.
Chris Kang  25/06/2014
Nilambe is a special place on Earth and in my heart. This is where beloved Godwin lived and taught, and thus my spiritual home. I fondly remember the time I spent here on Godwin's 10th death anniversary year. It was a privilege to connect with Acharya Upul at that time. I'm so glad to know that the legacy of wisdom and compassion continues on like a crystal clear river merging into the sea. With anjali and metta, Chris.
Aruna Wijenayake  22/06/2014

Nilambe meditation centre the most calm & cool place i have been ever visit.

Susanne G.  09/04/2014
Four days in your life - it is really not a long time. Four days in Nilambe – these few days were so intensive that the short time was long enough to start a new journey to myself and through my life. I am very happy to have found this new path. I was searching for it for a long time. Even if I would have been happy to have some more days here in the Center, I left Nilambe without any sadness. I knew that the most important thing is not to be in Nilambe, but to continue this new path at my home in my daily life. I have found a lot of talks, discussions and writings here on the homepage. They are very helpful for me. So I practice by my own, as well as I am able to do it, and I am very happy to notice that a lot of things begin to change - step by step. I am so happy and deeply grateful for this. The journey is going on. It will be a long one…! Thank you so much!
L.P.Jayawardena  25/01/2014

Nillambe Meditation Centre is the most practical place I have seen. Non like other places, (even there are retreat programmes on some periods which are very useful) we can practice on our own and observe our own inner behavior; merely depending on how much effort is there within us. Because even others can guide you in this journey, no one can do it for you. It's you who have to do your self.... If you practice meditation in other traditional places, once you left the place it is over, because there are other activities you do in life... But when you practice at Nillambe, you get the practice on mindfulness on activities as well. So you can learn meditation as a life style at Nillambe.... This is what make it more practical....

Sanjaya Gamalath   05/12/2013
Spent 4 days in nilambe with a great silence experienced the life and struggled to understand the amazing insight but when I was starting to see something had to leave nilambe back to the hell.
Capt. Dasanayake Elvitigala ( Rtd.)  29/9/2013

Just returned from Nilambe Meditation Centre after 04 days of mindful Living in Absolute Silence, for the First time in my 77 years of Living. My grateful thanks to you Dear Upul Sir, for making me understand the art of Meditation in the simplest practical way with the minimum of time with the least confusion. Shall be with you Sir, for further training. Theruwan Saranai.

Joelle T. - My first meditation experience  12/5/2013

At Nilambe, 1st week: feeling excited, new and curious. 2nd week: struggling and surviving. 3rd week: counting down and wanting to get out of the place asap. 4th week: wanting to stay and extend the stay but learnt myself not to attach too much. Now three months later I still think of Nilambe and the appreciative sharing and learning. Thank you!

Guptani Gunasekara  -  Life at Nilambe

.... This was my first day in Nilambe, I can still remember all these vividly, even after all these years, as I think I found a new meaning to my life that day, and it was like a re-birth to me. .....I realized where I had got stuck, trying to stop thoughts, he taught to be mindful, and not to let anything pass without your knowledge, hey! Thoughts don’t come!  So I continued this way, Upul sir was like a mirror to me, from which I saw my life, my weaknesses and my strengths.


Deepal Sooriyaarachchi  -  I Switched off my mobile phone!

.... A meditation retreat lasting a few days help you create a real space in your mind. This is a worthwhile experience. You begin to see inner likes and dislikes that shape your being. You begin to develop awareness throughout the day. It gives so much freedom in real life as it gives you the ability to face life a bit more objectively and realistically. .....There was absolute silence. The air was so pure, the breeze was soothing. The silence was so deep that I too decided to join Buddhi. I called the holiday bungalow and cancelled my booking. I switched off the cellular phone disconnecting my links with the rest of the world for the next three days.


Chamara Illeperuma - Journey to Heavenly experiences on Earth

.... practice of meditation paves the path to help ourselves, to understand ourselves and to change ourselves for the better as we become more and more mindful of all our day-to-day activities.  Moreover, Upul Sir’s great ability to speak to our hearts and his practical, philosophical way of presenting Dhamma has enormous power to help us practice meditation in a joyful manner. Among many lessons, the best I’ve been taught by Upul Sir is about the importance of practicing mindfulness from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep.  Living in the present moment is probably the toughest lesson ever, but it has brought enormous happiness to my life.


Ruchira Ekanayake

Nialmbe Meditation Centre is a very good place to start learning about our mind. Very Convenient and useful time table.

W. Fonseka - Let's Meditate 

...... I slowly turn down & check the time on the clock to find that half an hour had already left. My mind would have been floating on the stream of thoughts that rushed through me. I would not have been conscious of more than 3 or 4 in breath and out breath. It occurs to me that this cannot be 'Anapanasati meditation'....


Sanjaya Samarasekera - To find your inner happiness

I visited Nilambe Meditation centre on 07/01/2012. Mr Upul changed my thinking pattern. Showed us how to find inner happiness & how to realize life. His teachings were 100% practical. We are searching for something that no one can give. But we can find the same by starting the journey to go deep into one's own mind.

There are many spiritual centers and spiritual masters. But you cannot find your spirituality in any where else and within any body else. All these external centers help you to make your life as your spiritual center. all these spiritual teachers support you to become your own guide. - Upul Gamage.