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Awakening is the purpose of the Buddha’s teachings. It is the end of all sufferings. Insight meditation cultivates an awareness of the freedom and clarity that is available in each precious moment. These guided retreats will help you to learn about Meditation also deepen your practice if you follow the instructions.

  • Both beginners and experienced meditators can join any retreat.
  • You may continue the practice by staying the Centre for few more days after your retreat.(Please check availability)  
  • You can participate maximum of 2 retreats. This is to give a chance to new meditators.
  • Please try to apply for retreats at least before 2 weeks. But if it is "Open for Application'' you could try applying.

Please note that you must finish the whole retreat so that you can get maximum benefit. Not joining to the retreat and leaving the retreat earlier is considered to be unfair to other people who are not able to join the retreat because the room is preoccupied by your booking.

* It is not possible to join a retreat once it started and also

* You must stay for the whole retreat and participate in each activity.

* You must reconfirm your reservation before the mention date in the welcome email or reconfirm before 3 weeks to the starting date if you applied earlier,  otherwise it will be cancelled.

  • Please note that this an Authentic Buddhist Meditation Retreat. Not just a holiday camp or simple commercial type of relaxation workshop.
  • The retreat is mainly based on silence and sitting meditation.
                                                              Click below ' Application Form' link to apply for a retreat
  • If the Centre approve your online application form, please print and fill this Application Form 2 and bring it when you come to the Centre. It will speed up your check in process. Otherwise you'll have to fill this form at the centre.
Rhythm of Nilambe is a detail description about the time table. You will get a free copy of this on arrival for retreat. If you can read it before arriaval it will be helpful for you.
Rhythm of Nilambe ebook.pdf Rhythm of Nilambe ebook.pdf
Size : 1422.51 Kb
Type : pdf
Ritmo de Nilambe.pdf Ritmo de Nilambe.pdf
Size : 1215.383 Kb
Type : pdf
දහම් මගට අත්වැලක් නැමැති පොත් පිංච සැකසූයේ භාවනා පුහුණුව ගැන ඔබට නිවැරදි අවබෝධයක් ලබාදීම සඳහාය. මධ්‍යස්ථානයට පැමිණීමට පෙර එය කියවීම ඔබට ප්‍රයෝජනවත් වනු ඇත.

මධ්‍යස්ථානයේදී වැඩසටහනට ලියාපදිංචි වීමේදී නොමිලයේ පොතක් ඔබට ලැබෙනු ඇත. 
Dhaham Magata Athwelak.pdf Dhaham Magata Athwelak.pdf
Size : 1456.185 Kb
Type : pdf
No retreats available yet 
                  සිංහල භාවනා වැඩසටහන් 2021
අප්‍රේල් 23 නේවාසික භාවනා වැඩසටහන 
මධ්‍යස්‌ථානයට පැමිණීම: අප්‍රේල් 23 ප.ව. 3.00ට පෙර 
මධ්‍යස්‌ථානයෙන් පිටවීම: අප්‍රේල් 26 ප.ව. 12.30 පසු 
  - අයදුම්පත් බාරගෙන අවසානයි