Nilambe Deshana Publication Board (NDPB)

Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Centre at Nilambe, Sri Lanka has been a provider for those who seek Dhamma for so many years. Late Mr Godwin Samararatne was the first resident meditation teacher at the centre who had been remarkably instrumental in disseminating Dhamma. His successor, Mr Upul Nishantha Gamage has been guiding thousands of people from different backgrounds who come to Nilambe to practise meditation.  The practical and philosophical way of presenting Dhamma through their teaching encourages us to see meditation as an activity that is directly applicable to our day-to-day life and our everyday mental process. Moreover, their teaching focuses on use of simple and practical meditative approaches that we can easily use in the circumstances of our own lives.

The centre has produced many books, booklets and CDs of Dhamma talks and discussions for free distribution. Many individuals have borne the cost of producing these materials using their personal money. At present, Dhamma talks delivered on full-moon days at the Centre are translated into English and published as booklets particularly for the benefit of non-native readers. Making the teaching at the centre available in English is a tremendous need, as foreigners from all over the world who stay at the centre for varying durations, often inquire about the teachings of the resident mediation teacher published in English, particularly to take with them when leaving for their homelands. Apart from these well obvious needs of continuing the publications, many individuals have inquired about the possibility of sponsoring them.  As such, Nilambe Deshana Publication Board (NDPB) was established with the following aims and objectives.

  • To disseminate Buddhism to a wide community, thereby to help finding peace and happiness irrespective of the conditions life may offer and to give guidance and direction towards ending this samsaric journey.
  • To make the teachings of the past and present resident meditation teachers at the centre available to a wide community by publishing them in Sinhala, English and also in other languages.
  • To organise workshops, retreats, seminars and other meditation programmes.
  • To open up an avenue for those who wish to sponsor the publications of the NDPB, particularly it being a non-profit organisation.
  • To give opportunities for those who wish to help with activities related to publications of the NDPB as it is a voluntary organisation.
  • To make decisions on distributing the publications to reach a wide community in Sri Lanka.
  • To facilitate the web upgrading process with which these publications can be continuously made available globally.
  • To formalise and facilitate all the activities associated with publishing these materials.