When a child, Muriel tried to find her own inner way through daily dancing and spent sleepness nights reflecting upon the universe. 
Later she tried to grasp some understanding of the humankind through working with male prisoners in a prison near Paris and through scientific and social studies.

In her late twenties, she met yoga and recognised in it a path she had been looking for through dancing. Soon she became a personal student of sri lankan yoga teacher Nanda Sriwardene, whose direct inheritance of both Iyengar's hatha yoga and Oyama's kyokushin karate taught her strict and demanding self discipline, and ever developing refined perceptions, in how to find the various ways through a posture and in how to follow the inner gestures of subtle pranayama, bandhas and vayus.

For the past years, she has developed a strong connection to Nilambe's meditation teacher Upul Nishantha Gamage. She recognised in him and his teaching a continuation of the path she was seeking.
Since then, under the guidance and teaching of Upul Gamage, Nilambe has become her spiritual home, where she returns once or twice a year for her own personal retreats.

She is currently translating the book 'Coming Alive With Mindfulness of Breathing' written by teacher Upul, dealing with Anapana Sati Bhavana.
Recently teacher Upul and her jointly organised a meditation retreat in France.

Ten years ago, she developed a school in her hometown in France bearing the name of her yoga teacher. There she teaches asanas and pranayama, for the past years she is guiding weekly meditation sessions and monthly meditation days on Sundays closest to poya days. She also conducts workshops on chakras and regularly guides yoga retreats, some of which have dealt with the power of speech and creation, the dimension of time, the cycle of emotions... Those yoga retreats are conducted in the same manner as the retreats in Nilambe.

When in Nilambe, she guides as a yoga teacher for the retreats lead by teacher Upul and she conducts her guidance so as to apply the teachings meditators have been receiving from the meditation sessions through yoga practice.

Whereas she has gone through various studies of Hinduism, both practical and scriptural, she gained her knowledge of Buddhism mainly through practice and the direct guidance of her teacher Upul. Buddhism, as taught in Nilambe in a traditional and practical way, stays a solid anchor to her practice of meditation.