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KHEMA (Rachel Sachse)

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher

Khema teaches sitting, standing and walking meditation, based on the four foundations of mindfulness, as well as practices to open the heart.

Khema has a history of personal meditation practice spanning more than 20 years, ten of which were spent as a Buddhist nun in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Whilst having tremendous respect and gratitude towards the Buddhist tradition, she is committed to sharing meditation and mindfulness in a non-dogmatic form which is open and accessible to all. She is fascinated by the interface between East and West, tradition and modernity.

Some of the questions that motivate and inspire her: How to develop mindfulness whilst keeping up with the fast-paced world in which we live? How to develop self-awareness and compassion whilst functioning efficiently at work or as part of a team?

With a working background in the legal field, she has a wide range of interests, including Japanese bodywork (Shiatsu), languages (including Pali) and yoga.

While living in Kandy, Sri Lanka, she taught meditation to people from all over the world, regularly conducting residential retreats at Nilambe. Now she has returned to her roots and is resident in London. Khema is looking forward to sharing and growing what she has learned in her years in Asia and making a difference to people’s lives.