With Mindfulness and Heartfulness to

Insight and Wisdom


Cultivating a nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment (mindfulness) together with a genuine sense of friendliness and connectedness towards the world (heartfulness) opens us up to ourselves and to the world. Therefore mindfulness as well as qualities of the heart like acceptance, loving-kindness and forgiveness are important doorways into a deeper understanding of reality, including the understanding of how stress and suffering arise within us in our everyday lives and the way to alleviate stress.

On this retreat you will be guided in learning the four foundations of mindfulness according to Buddhist teachings while developing the skill of opening our hearts with loving-kindness and friendliness.

The retreat is suitable for both new and experienced practitioners.


About Julia Harfensteller

Dr. Julia Harfensteller works as meditation teacher and researcher at SAGE Institute for Mindfulness and Health in Berlin (www.sage-institut.de). Since 2005 Julia has been practicing insight meditation (vipassana). She spends several months a year for long-term retreats in Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka where she studies and practices according to Buddha’s authentic teachings  (Pāli Canon). Her teaching has been inspired by Upul Gamage (Nilambe), diverse teachers of the Burmese tradition (Sayadaw U Tejaniya) and Western meditation teachers.  In her meditation courses she emphasizes a natural open awareness, a wise reflection of one’s own experiences and an attitude of friendliness and heartfulness.