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What Centre Provide;

Room / Vegetarian meals(Not vegan) / Bed sheets, pillows, blankets, Candles etc. 
No electricity in the Centre. We cannot help you to charge your phones.

Dear friends, please try to bring rewinding torch or flash light instead of torch uses alkaline batteries. Because here in Sri Lanka, no way to recycle used batteries. Thank you for your understanding.
What you should bring;

Sweaters/Jackets for cold weather, toiletries, toilet tissues, a torch, an umbrella, an alarm clock.
While you are here;

  • Please observe the five precepts.
  • Attending to all group meditation sittings, talks and discussions at the scheduled time, is mandatory
  • No smoking in and around the centre.
  • Be silent from the time waking up in the morning to sleeping in the night 
  • Radios, mobile phones and loud talking at any time can disturb those who might be meditating in their rooms. If you must talk please do so only at a distance from any buildings.
  • Particularly at night please maintain silence in order to assist the rest and sleep of yourself and the meditators in nearby rooms.
  • Please be sensitive to local cultural customs, particularly with dress, behavior with opposite sex (keep contact to a minimum).
  • Please dress appropriately. Dress more to conceal than to reveal (No sleeveless vests, shirts and blouses and keep your legs covered at all times)
  • Please do not visit the rooms of the opposite sex. Do not go beyond the gate.
  • Please do not feed monkeys or any animals(cats, birds etc) at the Centre.
  • We appreciate your participation in evening chanting. Please sit on the floor for the chanting period.
  • If you have any questions about meditation, the Dhamma or about this centre please discuss with the teachers or office staff and not with the other meditators. Please refrain from giving instructions to other meditators. 

If you have any problems about these guidelines, any difficulty in following this schedule or any other problems in your practice please meet              the teacher or go to the office without a delay.


Taking photographs or videos prohibited
Aim of these retreats;

Not to gain any new knowledge
Not to clarify any doubts that have accumulated by reading and listening
Not to meet and socialize with friends
Not to find new friends.
Not to gain physical health
Not to achieve some status that is not achieved so far
These guidelines will help you to get the maximum benefit of the retreat and enjoy your stay.