Dhamma quotes by Upul

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Our stories....

We have our own stories about everybody and everthing. Even for ourselves we make stories. We connect to the world through our own different stories. Therefore this world is just a personal story. And we are too. What is a point of looking for reality?

A friend....

Our universe, our world, our society, our family our partners and even ourselves are expecting a friend from us. Not a person who is judging and punishing. A friend who can guide them. Who can forgive oneself and others. Let's see how far we can fulfill this inner and outer need?

Observing power....

Candles, lamps, stars, the moon and even the sun cannot destroy our inner darkness. We do not look at it because we think it's dark. But It's dark because we do not look at it. One can illuminate the inner world by observing. More and more observe - more and more bright.

See dhamma....

One can see The Buddha by looking at the Dhamma. How do we see the Dhamma? Only Looking at ourselves.


The hatred makes distance between yourself and others.The desire makes attachments between you and others. Wisdom helps you to make space between your self and others without hatred. Also wisdom supports us to make friendships without attachments.

When they won't disturb...?

Once your body and mind know the benefits of meditation then they will not disturb to your practice. They ask you to sit and practice even you don't want to do it. Let the body and mind meditate. And just watch how they meditate.


Suffering can speak through the job, through the family life, through the relationships and even through your body. Better to know this, that suffering is not your job, family life, or your relationships. Even not your body. Only suffering speaks through them. Suffering can address you through everything only if you attach to them.

Disscussion vs Arguments....

If you are not identifying your self with words, ideas and opinions whatever you say and if you do not think that the other one is against you Then only discussion is there.

Steps of spiritual path....

There are 3 steps of the path.
1. Knowing
2. Learning and
3. Living
We have to know what to do by reading books and listening to Teachers. Then we have to learn how to do it. After knowing and learning, we have to apply those knowledge and practice into our life.
The realization happens only Then.
We attach to anything or anybody because we think that they make us happy. We attach to the happiness so much. On the other hand we can say that we only attach to the happiness. Not to anything else or anybody else.

Deep meditation gives deep blissfulness. It helps us to detach from our external attachments. But after that we attach to the meditation because it makes us so happy
More than anything else or anybody else.

The real aim of the meditation is not the happiness. The Freedom. The ultimate freedom is free from attachments of others as well as free from self attachment.
We have to use meditation to let go of our attachments. Also there is no other way to let go of attachment to results of meditation. Only meditation.
Let's meditate.....
Followup spiritual friends....
Only Kalyana Mitta ( spiritual friends ) can Illuminate our inner journey.
Therefor they are taking very important place of our practice,

Like stars,
Stars are plying very very important role at the desert in the dark night,
Stars are not walking with us because they are physically millions of  Kilo meters far away from us. But their light is always with us.

Therefore better to look up to see the stars whenever we are in dark with confusion.
After that we can see our own steps clearly when we look down.


Unawareness keeps lot of self secrets.
We become unknown strangers and enemies of ourselves because of unawareness.
Awareness shows us our own hidden files.
And awareness helps us to transform from unfriendly strangers to friendly outsiders of ourselves.

Last minute....

There are things that we want to do,
to say, to ask, to give and to get.

But we think we can do them later. After later , later, later and later.We realize that we are in the last minute. When so called "last minute" comes, It doesn't allow us to do anything that we want. So called "last minute" Makes us Busy, Stressed and Hurry. Only darkness of repentance is there.

So Better to Do now Say now Ask now Give now and Get now Whatever we want.
Then there is no so called Last minute. Only Endless contentment and Infinity freedom are there.
Real meditator....
It's alright to meditate with an aim, with a target and with a goal. But better know about the nature of making targets,,,
"I am like this now and I want to be like that".
We reject our present nature and project something for the future. Then you can ask this question;
" what is the purpose of meditation?
Better to not to meditate....."

We have to meditate to learn to not to make any projections,
I my self meditate to accept the present reality without expecting something else.
Am I stupid? Am I not a real meditator?
Without ego.....
There are flower and fruit trees here, planted by meditators.
Also some buildings are here build by meditators.
We are so grateful for all of you who have planted trees and constructed buildings here at Nilambe because you have done a superb job to not to plant and build your ego here.

Forget about past....

There are many techniques to increase our memory to remember important thing of the past. But there is no any single method to forget unpleasant past things except "REMEMBERING".