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Please contact Centre via above form for your all inquiries, and be patient until  you get a reply. 

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As Centre gates are closed do not come to the Centre without confirming your visit with the Centre

Centre Address:
Nilambe Buddhist Meditation Centre
Sri Lanka

Please visit Retreats page to know the available retreat dates and fill
the Application form if you wish to stay at Nilambe Meditation Centre.
As there are limited rooms you have to make a reservation at least  two weeks before to the arrival date.

Office Hours:
8.20am to 8.40pm. For check-in 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Taking photographs or videos strictly prohibited
How to come:

The centre can be reached by taxi or by bus from Kandy. If you are coming from Katunayaka by bus, get down from Peradeniya Galaha junction and take  Delthota bus to Office junction. If you are coming from Kandy you can take Delthota bus from  Goodshed Bus stand and get off at Office junction (17km from Kandy. It may take around one- one and half hours to reach Office Junction from Kandy by bus). From there it is a steep walk uphill of around 45 minutes (or taxi/three wheeler ride) through tea plantations to reach the centre.

Please come to the centre in-between 1pm and 3pm. It takes about two hours to get to the centre from Peradeniya, Galaha junction if you coming by bus and walk to the Centre from Office Junction.

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''The listener comes after the hearing. There is no listener before listening. The thinker appears after the thought not before. Hearing and thinking can happen without ego. The ego always says 'what should happen and should not happen' . Therefore let the awareness hear and think. Then no grasping and no rejecting . That is the end of the suffering too''  - Upul Gamage