Talks & Discussions by Upul Nishantha Gamage
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 Investigate about thoughts (71min/16.2MB  Night discussion at Nilambe)

Investigate about thoughts.mp3

Your mind is bigger...  (39min/9.5MB Interview with Cecilia Neant Falk)

Your mind...mp3


 Present moment  (59min/13.5MB  Discussion at Nilambe)

Present moment.mp3


Why we are here (37min/8.5MB Talk & Discussion in Hong Kong, 2009)

Why we are here.mp3


What is metta  (57min/13.4MB Dicussion at Nilambe)

What is metta.mp3


Awareness  (75min/17.3MB   Discussion at Nilambe)



Enjoying the practice  (71min/17.1MB Discussion at Nilambe)

Enjoying the practice.mp3


Meditation and Meditator (61min/8MB Talk & Discussion in Hong Kong) 

Meditation and meditator.mp3

Working Meditatation  (128min/20.5MB Talk, Meditation & Discussion
 at Breman University in Germany 2015)

Working Meditation.mp3

Inner Traffic & Spacious Mind (38min/ 8.6MB Talk in Malaysia 2016) 



 Meditation for lay people(60min/14MB Talk & Discussion in Hong Kong)

Meditation for lay people.mp3