Mindfulness and Insight. Nine Days in Sri Lanka 2015

Sathi-Patthana – the original teaching of the Buddha

Time: Sunday Feb 15th(8.00pm)Tuesday Feb 24th(12.00 noon)

With Paul Koeppler, assisted by Thomas Khemananda

A Retreat with noble silence, including meditation guidance, sitting and walking, simple body work (Yoga and Chi Gong), deep relaxation, talks and interviews.

We will practice different fields of Sati-Patthana (breath, body, sensations, emotions and mind). We emphasize a friendly and loving attitude towards self and others, a gentle but intensive way of developing awareness and concentration and many tools for integrating mindfulness in daily life, to experience inner change.

For new and experienced meditators.

Language ist English (Meditation Guidance in German if necessary)

Dr. Paul Koeppler is a meditation teacher (Vipassana), with long experience also in Zen and spiritual psychology. He assisted and worked with Godwin regularly since 1980. He is also a follower of Ruth Denison and practiced with well known teachers (Christopher Titmuss, Vimalo, Ayya Khema, U Janaka, Seung Sahn, Thich Nhat Hanh and others)

Like Godwin and Ruth he teaches a more gentle way to concentration, loving kindness and insight. In books and talks he tries to offer Buddhas original teaching in a modern way.

Thomas Khemananda was 15 years a buddhist monk in Sri Lanka and Thailand, lived 13 years in a Meditations Centre in Germany (Waldhaus) and is dedicated to the original teaching of the Buddha.