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Nillambe meditation centre in Sri Lanka is mostly for lay people who like to learn and practice Buddhist meditation in a peaceful environment. You can apply for an available retreat if you wish to meditate. All retreats are for both, beginners who never meditated before and for experienced meditators. All these retreats are guided in English Language. 

Objective of a Meditation Retreat

........the first thing to be considered is what is meditation? Why should we meditate? How should we meditate? We should know all these. To know is an acquired knowledge may be from a book or a teacher. Without that basic knowledge and background, the totality of meditation would neither be achieved by anybody nor could anybody meditate properly.......


The importance of a Meditation Centre

......One aspect is: it is isolated from the society. Therefore the hustle bustle of the society, the busyness and the loudness is not usually found in a meditation centre. Another aspect is: usually a meditation centre is located either within a forest or on a hilltop, or in a cave, which are considered to be very natural environments........

Outdoor Meditation area & Lunch room

Living in this present moment

.......When the mind remembers something, mind starts talking about it. That is what is called thinking. .....
To start meditation you have to be in the present moment. Living in the present moment is one of the most important factors for meditation.....
Meditation in day to day life

.........These concepts could be trained in your daily life, and should be trained. If not, however long you stay at a meditation centre, the mental pleasure and the calmness you gain will diminish when you are back in your busy life, with time and might even reach a zero position. Then you feel you must again go to a meditation centre, there is no meaning to that. We only get trained at a meditation centre, it is essential to live accordingly. Otherwise it is like washing and again putting into mud.
- Upul Nishantha Gamage

Buddha statue in meditation hall

A view from the Centre
Main Meditation Hall
Out door meditation area

'' Are the thoughts mostly about the past? Are they mostly about the future? Are the thoughts racing one after another? Are they slowing down? Is there space between two thoughts? Do you get involved in some thoughts? Do you judge your thoughts? Make your own discoveries about the different aspects, about the different dimensions, about the structure of your thoughts ''  - Godwin Samararathne